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Classics in Color

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Classics in Color  (Arranged by Eugenia Goldman) is a collection of themes from famous classical music compositions edited for beginner instrumental players. The pieces were selected for their melodic beauty and playability, and organized in the order of progressive difficulty. In addition, all pieces in the collection contain references to the extra-musical content, thus allowing to add the visual dimension to the musical experience. Students and music enthusiasts of all ages are invited to engage with music through several types of activities: learning basic facts about the composers and the pieces, playing the melodies, and coloring the artwork on the music pages. Available for String and Band instruments. Available in digital or print format.

Strings Orchestra Set includes Conductor's Score (1), Piano Accompaniment (1) and Books for Violin (4), Viola (3), 'Cello (3), and Double Bass (2).

Band Starter Set Includes Conductor's Score(1), Piano Accompaniment(1) and Books for Flute (1), Oboe(1), Alto Saxophone(1), Clarinet(1), Bassoon(1), Trumpet(1), Horn in F(1), Trombone(1), Tuba(1), and Orchestral Bells(1).

Solo books with piano accompaniment

Product details:

Solo and piano parts

8.5x11", 42 pages

Classics in Color (Violin) ISBN-13: 9781947740006 
Classics in Color (Viola) ISBN-13: 9781947740013 
Classics in Color (Violoncello) ISBN-13: 9781947740020 
Classics in Color (Double Bass) ISBN-13: 9781947740037